Lake Hopatcong

Lake Hopatcong – Less than 1 hour from NYC!

In an age before jets, before air conditioning and before super highways, Lake Hopatcong was a major northeast resort. Within easy reach of large cities to the east, the Lake’s size and setting at over 900 feet above sea level made it a perfect resort. From the 1880’s through the 1930’s the Lake welcomed thousands each year, including leaders in government, industry and entertainment.

Lower daytime temperatures and cool evenings made Lake Hopatcong a welcome respite from the urban centers to the east.

Lake Hopatcong

Although other northwestern New Jersey towns were developed as resorts during this period, Lake Hopatcong quickly outdistanced all local rivals in popularity. While these other resorts shared the lake’s proximity to the urban centers of the east, they could not match the lake’s size or the ease with which it could be reached by rail.

Many homes on Lake Hopatcong are vacation homes. It is the perfect getaway destination, even in winter months for frazzled executives from the big cities looking for peaceful surroundings.

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Lake Hopatcong Winter Wonderland!

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